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The earlier you recognize your holistic self, the more fulfilled your life becomes. With Love From Freddie is an ever-growing set of real world and online interactive guidance books, tools and interactions that assists to unlock a deeper understanding of yourself.

With Love From Freddie gives an introspective set of building blocks that helps each person who reads and uses the books and workshops to recognize their humanity, love and positivity to give them the best chance at living a life worth loving.

With Love From Freddie provides tools to enhance the conscious development of children, youth and adults in a fun manner in order to actualise their potential and find life purpose – designed to create a catalyst for greater social impact and positive change in the world.

Adventure 1 :

Freeing Freddie The Dream Weaver


Experience a magical world with Freddie. Discover how to release your fears and build your dreams.. create the life you wish to have!


A gift of practical tools and process to building your dreams and releasing your fears that are blocking you from creating the life you wish to have.


A fun filled way to approach emotions and skills at a young age to release fears and create and encourage dreams.

A truly enchanting story with deep universal truth that both children and adults will enjoy, helping them gain an understanding of how to let go of fear and be a part of loving connected world.
Deepak Chopra
Author - New York Times and international best seller

Adventure 2 :

Revealing Freddie the Light Within

Revealing Freddie - The Light Within


Reading and Crafts For Younger Children

Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver is a fun way of learning for children.

The story is both magical and interactive allowing for open and creative conversations that are normally difficult to have between adults and younger children.The activity book is filled with stickers, activities, crosswords, crafts and puzzles.

Each page is aimed at developing emotional and visual skills on how to build your dreams and release fears. Ages from 5 years to 12 years benefit tremendously from the readings and craft workshops.

Workshops For Teenagers, Highschool and University Students

The teenage years can be frightening and challenging as teenagers try to find their own individuality and how they fit into the social norms demanded from them.

The world can be daunting as a whole – dreams are not always uppermost in our minds nor fear spoken of. The workshop is aimed at showing how fears are normal as human nature and that dreams are the joy of life. During the workshop we learn and discover how to navigate this journey and how to create a life that we choose.

Workshops Geared For Corporates

The corporate environment is demanding.This often creates fear and trepidation to take risks. Individuals are wary to venture out of their comfort zone afraid of losing their positions or creating an upheaval of others around them.

This workshop explores how to let go of fear and develop your creative powerful self so that you as a corporate team player are able to deliver more and at the same time be more self fulfilled, happy and aligned with who you are as a self aware individual navigating your journey.

Kim & Brent - Authors
( Author)

Through many years of experience and studying as well as training with highly reputable healers internationally, he has developed a great understanding of consciousness based health care and well being.

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Kim Normand Dobrin has been in the nonprofit world for the past 26 years. She has been a part of many successful ventures and organizations. Kim is known for her passion and love for children, education and Human Rights and the belief of accessing and developing potential.

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